Exotic Pet Wellness Care Depends on You

Exotic Pet Wellness Care Depends on You

There’s not much we can do for your pet if you don’t bring them to us! Your exotic pet, whether reptile, avian, mammal, or amphibian, needs to see us on a regular basis at our Grapevine hospital for exotic pet wellness care. With our expertise and diagnostic capabilities, we can often uncover underlying disease processes early, before they become a serious problem.

Many exotic animals are experts at hiding illness. They’re used to surviving in the wild where they are constantly wary of predators. Although they live in comfort and peace with you, their natural instincts still hold sway. Our expert veterinary team is trained to pick up subtle hints of illness and confirm them with advanced diagnostic technology.

Annual Exotic Wellness Exams and Diagnostic Screening

An annual wellness exam for any species starts with you. We’ll ask questions on exotic pet husbandry, including your pet's home life, socialization, and nutrition before moving on to a physical examination. From there, we may order diagnostic testing if we’re concerned about any abnormalities. Even if no symptoms are present, it is often a good idea to perform screening tests as a preventive measure to ensure your pet’s health is at its best.

Tests we may perform include:

  • Routine blood work
  • Microbial (bacterial, yeast, fungal) testing
  • Fecal testing

Diagnostic screening helps us better understand your pet’s overall health so we can prescribe the most effective treatment for them.

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Life Stage Care

Just as with humans, exotic pet wellness care changes as your pet ages. A newborn has different requirements than a senior pet. We emphasize appropriate life stage care to optimize your pet’s health and quality of life from the very beginning to the very end.

Neonatal Counseling

Newborn animals need a lot of TLC. If you plan on raising newborns of any exotic species, come talk to us first. We can help you with the breeding process, husbandry of the newborns, diet for them and the mother, what to expect as the newborns grow, and much more. Taking care of baby animals of any species can be very tricky, so to ensure the health of your pets, please schedule a consultation appointment today!

Senior Pet Care

Older pets can develop age-related conditions and are also more vulnerable to disease and injury. We understand the unique needs of aging exotic pets and highly recommend seeing them biannually (and sometimes more!) for wellness exams and diagnostics. Catching illness as soon as possible is crucial for the health of your senior pet.

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Interested in having your pet evaluated by the experts? Schedule a wellness exam today.